Wedding Package

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Price: £600.00

Date: 12-04-2015 11:19AM




You don’t need to wait for tomorrow, or a marriage proposal to decide you want to get fit. Nevertheless every bride wants to look magical on their wedding day and feel fabulous in their honeymoon bikini.

Here’s our wedding package for professional 1:1 guidance, support and motivation:

1. Exercise: a consistent fitness schedule

Monday – FitFunBoxing 60mins

Tuesday – FitFunH.I.T.T 60 mins

Wednesday – Rest Day

Thursday – FitFunAbs 15 mins (Online workout)

Friday – Resistance training 60 mins

Saturday – FitFunBootCamp 80mins

Sunday – Running 30-40mins

2. Nutrition:

Simply switching to eating a clean, unprocessed diet with plenty of lean protein, low sugar, high fibre carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables will be the foundations.

See sample 5 day menu

3. Goal setting and Progress Tracking
Health and body transformation is all encompassing. From the physical aspect, to just as importantly the mental. The majority of approaches to getting into shape typically tend to look more at exercise programing – how much exercise and/or how often for example. There is also plenty of emphasis out there on the intricacies of a diet plan and its relative effectiveness for your exercise goals. But less if any attention is given to the psychosocial or behavioural aspects to the approach. If ‘eat less-move more’ was as ‘black and white’ to implement for the masses as the analogy suggests then weight loss and body transformations would be easy.


Wedding Package

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